Rules - Discounts


The Recuperation of 1 class missed is only possible in the same course (12 classes schedule).


  • recover it by following 2 classes of another day with your partner (WITHIN THE SAME COURSE).

  • recover it with your partner in another city. 

  • In case of recovering the class with ANOTHER STUDENT (without your dance partner), the OTHER STUDENT must pay the class (unless your dance partner does not want to recover the class).



*We have a system to reserve the class you want to recuperate, to avoid that more than of 2 couples recuperate together at the same day. Please ask Valeria for more information.​


- Ask for your discount to Polariteit vzw in Ghent if you follow more than 1 course.

- If you follow 2 or more courses (in Antwerpen or Brussels) you pay:

1st course full price

2nd course - 20 % (applies to the lowest amount)

3rd course (1st and 2nd at 100% price)  - 40 % (applies to the lowest amount)


- Student Discount:

Under 25 with a student card you can receive a  € 20 discount.


-Having a dance partner is mandatory.

- Looking for a dance partner? Our Facebook group can help you to find one. It's a closed group for students only. Post there city, day, level of the class you want to follow. There are more than 300 students in this group!