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Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

El Abrazo Tango Academy



We are a couple of Argentine dancers and Masters of International recognition. We promote Social Tango and the values ​​of this CULTURE to maintain the traditions of Argentine Tango.
Our Academy “El Abrazo” has offices in Brussels, Gent, Antwerp, and Bruges.

We have developed a unique teaching method that allows students to enjoy this dance. This method has opened the doors of many festivals and some of the most important in Europe (see CV).

We know that the technique provides control of our own body, makes us feel free and thus allows the connection with the dance partner to finally have control over the dance floor and enjoy the music and the magic of the Tango Embrace.

Since 2019 “El Abrazo” has formed a team of assistants and volunteer students who help organize events and projects to bring more people to tango and grow our passion for Argentine Tango. Everyone is invited to participate, collaborate.



Our Teachers


Anibal & Valeria

Thanks Oliver Pulinckx for the video!

We are a couple of Argentine dancers and teachers, we represent the traditional style of Buenos Aires with a great personality and a touch of youth.
We belong to the last generation formed by real milongueros and grandmasters.

Our method and personal style of dancing has led us to travel the world with different shows or as teachers at prestigious festivals (Russia, China, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK, Brazil).

Cast of the show "TANGO X 2" of Miguel Angel Zotto in 2016, 2018 and 2020.
Choreographers, producers, and directors of the show “100% Tango” and from 2015 directors, organizers and producers of the “Antwerpen Tango Festival”.
In ten years together we work to create a teaching method aiming to simplify the difficult, comfort, hug, naturalness, although without neglecting aesthetics.
Our curiosity made us take classes with many teachers and very different styles, making us experience different types of hugs, energy, techniques, and interpretations that are now very useful to exploit the capabilities of each student.

To know more about us, please visit our background below.

Patrick & Tamira
Matthis & Latife

The team of teachers is currently composed of Patrick & Tamira Christens and Matthis & Latife Birenheide.

They are from our advanced students who have studied our method for 8 and 7 years.

They are all very friendly and will help you to learn the basics of Tango!!!!

 Our Team 
Our Team

Karina De Cock

Marc Van Vaerenbergh

Frits Jansen

Monica Gellert

Michel Malengreaux


Marita Van Herreweghe

Katelijne Cools

Pieter De Graef

Yvonne Voermans

Petra Demey

El Abrazo team Bco y negro.jpg



Anibal & Valeira

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